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The new ‘MBA for Life’ program provides a lifetime of networks and resources for Deakin’s MBA community

Deakin MBA students and graduates can now maintain a lifelong connection with the Deakin’s internationally-recognised program thanks to the new ‘MBA for Life’ initiative which has been launched by the Deakin Business School (DBS).

Building on DBS’s prestigious MBA learning and its professional networks and research, the MBA for Life program offers students and alumni ongoing connections and resources that extend from the start of their career to retirement and beyond.

Deputy Director MBA, Dr Paul Harrison, says the aim of the program is to further enrich the Deakin MBA student and alumni experience.

Deakin’s MBA delivers learning and skills in sustainable business practice, critical thinking and responsible leadership that provides the skills to navigate a complex and dynamic professional life. Maintaining a strong, lifetime connection to Deakin and the MBA means that our alumni can continue to access programs, networks and activities that will strengthen the professional and personal skills needed for their lifetime career journey.’

The MBA for Life program will begin rolling out a range of programs and activities over the coming months that are specifically tailored to meet the interests of Deakin MBA students and alumni.

These include access and special offers to training, events and resources, study tours, Deakin Business School memberships, consulting opportunities, research workshops, and early access to research findings. 

As a program that’s based on relationship-building reciprocity, it provides unique opportunities for both Deakin and its student-alumni cohort.

‘Our Deakin MBA members are highly-valued and we are looking forward to their input – as both mentors and contributors to this program. As the program develops, we will welcome their insight, professional intelligence and networks as we collaborate to develop targeted resources and activities,’ says Dr Harrison.

Flexible learning has long been the hallmark of Deakin's world-class MBA, but importantly, it’s also program that’s underpinned by a distinctive, customised approach.

Delivering global MBA capabilities – across strategy, marketing, management, finance, economics, accounting, operations, and technology – it offers a customised, tailored MBA experience that enables students to focus on their unique interests, strengths and career goals.

The MBA for Life program builds on this student-alumni focus by providing a lifelong engaging, customised and coordinated program for members of the Deakin MBA community.

‘Our MBA for Life is really about sustaining those great relationships we make at Deakin for a long, varied and dynamic career journey,’ says Dr Harrison.



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