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More and more businesses are looking for employees with the ability to not only do the ‘business as usual’, but also showcase leadership, innovation and a willingness to pick up new skills along the way.

Whether you are your own boss or work in a large organisation, here’s our top three tips to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to your role. 

1) Focus on why

What sets successful entrepreneurs apart, is their ability to bring to their role knowledge and awareness around what they’re good at and what drives them. They have a clear ‘why’ to everything they do and they focus on the activities where they can bring the most value.

Developing a leadership and strategic purpose shouldn’t revolve around compiling a resume of your previous professional roles; it involves creating a comprehensive portrait of your life passions, interests and ambitions for the future. With this focus in mind, you can lead your team with a purpose-driven an authentic ‘why’.

2) Change the way you think about innovation

Many people think of innovation in the form of a physical product or service (iPhones, Tesla vehicles, or Google Pay). However, process innovation is a key component of entrepreneurship. It involves taking a step back from the way things are, and using creativity and curiosity to imagine the way things could be.

Questioning existing processes to create more streamlined, efficient and convenient ways of working is an invaluable skill for teams of all sizes. As a budding entrepreneur, you need to develop these skills to take your head out of the day-to-day and question what you could change in the pursuit of innovation.

3)  Become a lifelong learner

The ability to acquire new skills, and to display a high-level of proficiency in these skills, has become a fixed fixture of a modern, fast-changing professional landscape. Someone with an entrepreneurial mindset will be exploring ways to upskill at every opportunity; whether through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, professional development activities, or undergoing further study. The rise of flexible online learning has made it easier than ever to access university study while working.  

As an entrepreneur, you need to change your frame of mind to turn any setback, or roadblock you encounter along your professional journey, into an opportunity to gain important business and personal lessons. Entrepreneurs capitalise on these events and experiences and turn them into learning opportunities that shape how they operate.


Note: This information has been sourced from Deakin and Coventry University’s brand new jointly developed Entrepreneurship Degree delivered via online global learning platform FutureLearn, launching in September 2019.

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